Existing Nonprofits




Evaluating a nonprofit’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) is critical to determining if their programs/services are actually meeting the anticipated needs. We  provide  SWOT analysis to existing nonprofits and exam their internal and external influences that have either limited or enhanced organizational effectiveness



We assist existing nonprofits with strategic planning. As a result of our process organizations are better able to monitor performances, identifying long and short-term goals, and create new objectives. 





To make effective planning decisions, an organization must understand the relevant market need for its programs/services, the market dynamics associated with delivering the programs/services, its own internal capabilities, and other relevant forces. We customize innovative programs that meet your participants most pressing needs.



A program is a system with inputs, processes, outputs (tangibles) and outcomes (impacts on clients) -- with ongoing feedback among these parts. This system’s perspective helps keep clarity about programs and will help a great deal during program planning, it is also required when applying for most grants. We assist nonprofits with tools that measure impact both qualitatively and quantitatively. 



 Nonprofits should be ran like for-profit  businesses.  The biggest difference between the two is the allocation of funds.  However, that does not mean that nonprofits can not thrive financially and increase the services they provide to their participants, provide decent salaries to staff, or build and expand their sites and locations. Diversified funding strategies mitigate the risk of diminished support from sources.